Can Epoxy Floors Be Installed Over Paint?

The answer to the question of whether epoxy floors can be installed over paint is a resounding yes. It is possible to lay epoxy floors on paint, as well as on painted wood. Water-based paint is the best option for this, as it dries quickly and allows you to apply the epoxy after about 24 hours. Epoxy can also be applied to latex and acrylic paint, but not to oil-based paint. It is important to note that epoxy should not be applied over existing concrete sealants or floor paint.

These must be removed first, as the epoxy will not stick to them. Installing epoxy floors over paint is a great way to give your space a new look and feel. The epoxy will provide a durable and attractive finish that will last for years. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for any home or business.