What is Epoxy Repair Mortar and How to Use It

At GESS, we offer the most durable epoxy concrete repair products that last forever. Our concrete repair range includes epoxy putty, epoxy mortars, epoxy crack injection and other products that are suitable for horizontal surfaces. It is often used to repair steps and would be a good solution for any kind of structural repair. Rust-Oleum 5180 epoxy repair mortar is a two-component epoxy resin mortar that is incredibly tough and can be used to repair damaged, covered or hazardous concrete and stone floors.

Rust-Oleum 5190 Deep Fill epoxy repair mortar is a very strong epoxy repair mortar for fast and economical repair of deep holes in concrete floors. A single-component acrylic polymer-modified cementitious mortar, Rust-Oleum 5110 Verti-Patch, is designed to repair building facades that do not have high compressive strength. We recommend using Rust-Oleum 5110 Verti-Patch instead of Rust-Oleum 5180 epoxy repair mortar for window lintel repairs. Ease of application and tolerance of site conditions ensure that the product can be used to repair or restore profiles on precast or cast-in-place concrete elements, as well as general gap filling for vertical and aerial work.

The Coo-Var Floorpack Concrete Repair Mortar is a solvent-free heavy-duty two-pack mortar kit for repairing concrete. Free-flowing single-component concrete repair mortar that is low in alkali for the protection of embedded steel reinforcements can also be used. Rust-Oleum 5180 epoxy repair mortar provides permanent repair of heavily cracked and worn concrete and fills holes of any shape or size, voids, cracks, etc. and may have feather edges.

A medium weight single-component general purpose concrete reinstallation mortar that can be used as a plaster, as well as being suitable for all types of patch repairs is also available. Epoxy resin mortars are the repair mortars normally selected for fast and high-strength concrete repairs. A versatile three-component lightweight epoxy-based repair mortar used for stone, mortar, plastering, wood and concrete and suitable for use in vertical and aerial repair work is also available. An epoxy specially formulated for use with eroded or cracked concrete floors, epoxy concrete repair mortars are used to provide new resistance to damaged concrete and, in most cases, offer a permanent repair that is tough enough to withstand most heavy uses.

Epomast is a cementitious powder compound mixed with an epoxy resin designed as a concrete repair mortar with exceptional abrasion resistance, durability and no shrinkage. Rust-Oleum 5180 epoxy repair mortar should be used only on concrete substrates, not on asphalt or asphalt.